Google Publisher Plugin: How to Place Adsense Codes with a Single Click

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Google Publisher Plugin has been officially launched for WordPress blogs. In order for you to best understand this plugin, this is actually outsourced from Google developers and this helps you further in integrating Google products the easy and fast way possible. One more thing about it is that it allows webmaster and Adsense tool on the WordPress blog.

But before you add Adsense code, you must first generate the code in the snippets. It will somehow take five to seven minutes before you can complete this task. Nevertheless, it is good news that this plug-in allows you to place Adsense ads by just a single click.

Nevertheless, it is necessary for you to understand that Google Publisher Plugin is a friendly and supportive plug-in among users of WordPress. This specifically supports Google products- Webmaster and Adsense tools. The latter helps you to gain more money by just exactly placing ads on WordPress blogs while the former presents a more detailed report about the visibility of a page.

In the installation of a Google Publisher Plugin, the system requirements include a PHP version (5.2.0) and a WordPress Version of 3.0. Now, as you go into the installation process of the Google Publisher plugin, remember that it is just an easy process. Two methods are usually followed by WordPress bloggers; automatic installation right from the dashboard and manual installation with FTP.

Now, you are headed down to placing Adsense Codes with a single Click. But before that, you are still required to configure the Publisher Plugin. In this process, understand that it is just a simple one. Follow the steps below;

  • You only have to move to the “Settings > Google Publisher Plugin”. 
  • Right there and then, you need to open the plugin and move your way to the process of configuring it out by clicking on “Get Started”.
  • Then, press on the button for Manage Ads that is found below the AdSense publisher information. This will now open a preview of the site and will show you the home page.
  • Now, choose the part of the site that you want to put your ads on (single page, home page and single post)
  • Click on the marker right through the preview in order for you to place an ad in that specific location. You could actually put three ads on every page if you want.
  • After you have placed an ad, you may now change the settings. You may press on the gear icon found in the bottom and left corner of the ad. This will now let you open the settings panel.
  • Prior to the steps you need to follow, you must remember that there are 4 different ad formats that can be found; automatic, vertical banner, horizontal banner and rectangle.
  • Right after you have completed placing ads on the site, you could now save it and activate it completely. This will now let you show all those ads on the site. Bear in mind that you must click the button for save and activate.