Can you make money from creating WordPress themes?

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WordPress had become a huge business chance for many coders around the world. making the next beautiful WordPress theme that will sell will hot cupcakes had become the new gold rush of many web developers.

It is easy as 1 2 3 – create a great theme, upload to a popular theme marketplace such as theme forest and then watch it either becoming a huge hit, a failure or something in the middle.

With the huge amount of premium themes for clients to choose from – this is such an easy task as it might have used to be a few years ago.

Site point had came up with interesting piece with the title:

 Tips for Designing and Selling Themes (with Success)

Most theme creators fail to earn enough revenue because they seek a customer-base that doesn’t exist; they let their eagerness to try out fancy new trends dictate the outcome of their theme. If you’re wondering why “selling” comes before “designing”, it’s because you need to discover where the demand is, and then supply what those customers are looking for.

Avoid trying to design “the most beautiful theme ever” and uploading it to the biggest marketplaces on the web by default. The big theme marketplaces focus on spotlighting their top 5% of sellers. If you’re not currently that, getting your theme spotted in amongst the other 95% of sellers is hard work. You’re a needle in a theme haystack.

There are some solid advice in this article. main thing to remember is to make the best product you can possibly can and then don’t forget to promote (!) your theme if you want to seen among the thousands of other themes. good marketing plan can make the different between a best seller and a loser.